Is she for real?

I went out last night with some new friends. There were four of us in a vehicle along with a case of Coors Light (yum). The driver asks me to hand her a beer. I’m like, huh?

And so I would like to share a little something I learned last night … you can legally operate a vehicle in Mississippi and drink alcohol at the same time.

Yeah. I thought it was a shocker, too, so I did some research. Turns out it’s all true.

As of November, 2007, only one state (Mississippi) allows drivers to consume alcohol while driving (as long as the driver stays below the 0.08% limit and many counties within Mississippi have their own laws preventing open containers), and only eight states (Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia) allow passengers to consume alcohol while the vehicle is in motion. Still, local laws in these states may limit open containers in vehicles, although those local laws do not impact the state’s compliance or noncompliance with TEA-21.

Learned something new! I’m not sure if I will ever participate in this or if I’ll get past the fact that it’s legal … but it’s good to know. Next time I’m driving late at night I’ll look out for those drinking and driving people and steer clear. Makes me wonder why people don’t get in more accidents out here.

… only in Mississippi.

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